Circular Machine cylinders

Via Trieste, 16 – 25035 Ospitaletto (BS) – Italy

The Company

A point of reference in the production of circular machine cylinders

Manufacturing of circular machine cylinders

We are a precision mechanical workshop in Brescia specialized in the manufacturing of cylinders for circular sock and jersey knitting machines. Over forty years of experience, lots of passion, and a high level of professionalism are what makes our company a point of reference for the domestic and foreign market. Overtime we have collaborated with the best builders in the world and many others in the industry.

Today we are continuously expanding and ready to welcome new requests for more cutting edge products. 

and technology

Deep effort towards progress, development and innovation, we strive to offer our clients excellent technological solutions tailored to their strategies for technological-industrial transformation and optimization.


Thanks to many years of experience in the field of circular machine cylinder production we are able to take care of the design and production of different types of cylinders, offering our clients high quality products for an exceptional price.

A point of reference in the production of circular machine cylinders

Our strengths

  • 40 years of experience
  • High precision and quality production: we guarantee the highest standard required in all supplies
  • Cutting edge products for the highest quality materials and special heat treatment, developed over the years, allow to use less flat parts
  • Innovation and technology: we are constantly expanding, ready to accept new requests of more avant-garde products
  • Personalized solutions: we make cylinders by sample or by drawing for different industries, satisfying all kinds of needs

Our products

We manufacture cylinders, by sample or by drawing, to be used in different areas (knitting, hosiery, medical and food industry) satisfying all kinds of needs. High efficiency, precision and durability of our products are the strong suits that led us to obtain consistent corroboration and trust from our clients.

Quality and experience

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